Ariel Hairston

While in London during my freshman year of undergraduate studies, my fascination with human experience and psychopathology turned my sights to psychology. However extensive study of this discipline has taught me that there is much to know about things such as mental disease, learning and cognition and the answers to these crucial questions lies in neurophysiology. I am of an understanding that everything a person experiences, from extreme physical pain, to falling in love, is traced right down to molecules. As a Junior undergraduate Neural Science major at New York University I am dedicated to investigate the pathways that form the answers to the gripping questions we have only ever managed to gloss over in the past. In the Basu lab, I exercise my passion in helping to characterize neuronal circuits in learning and memory through assistance with optogenetics and immunohistochemistry.

Outside of lab work, I am also a fiction freelance writer and when I’m not studying neurons, I try to stay active by enrolling in dance and yoga classes.