Jason Moore

I am a computer engineer turned neuroscientist. I graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in computer science and engineering, then studied neuroscience with Mayank Mehta at UCLA for my Ph.D. There, I developed a new experimental technique to record voltages from dendrites in unrestrained animals for long periods of time (several days), and developed generalized linear model techniques for analyzing rat hippocampal data in virtual reality environments. My research interests are focused towards understanding what role dendrites have in neuronal computations. Most neurons maintain large, elaborate dendritic trees many times larger than their cell body, but many computational models of neural circuits do not include dendrites. Do dendritic computations hold the key to more robust, flexible, and capable learning systems? I hope to shine a light on the form and function of these beautiful structures through my research. I am also interested in glial inflammatory responses, neuromorphic engineering, statistics, and artificial intelligence.

For fun, I enjoy watching college sports (football and basketball), playing board games and video games, and spending time in nature. I am also a lifelong musician, having played trumpet for 25 years in concert bands, marching bands, drum and bugle corps, and various music ensembles. I am also very tall (6’9″) and do not play basketball.