Rachel Swanson

I am a PhD candidate in the Basu and Buzsaki labs, and am broadly interested in investigating neuronal network dynamics during sleep states and how they contribute to mnemonic and homeostatic function.
My current project, under Drs. Basu and Buzsaki, combines high-density electrophysiological recordings of the hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex with simultaneous widefield imaging of a dorsal hemisphere of gcamp6f transgenic mice. The goal of the project is to assess the extent to which the spontaneous reinstatement of recent activity is coordinated across spatial scales, and whether this coordination is required for learning.

Prior to joining NYU in the fall of 2015, I first received a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University with majors in Biochemistry, Philosophy, and Psychology. I then received a Master’s degree from Cornell University in Behavioral Neuroscience, where I studied the temporal coordination of hippocampo-thalamo-cortical interactions across learning.