Rachel Swanson

Born in Canada and raised in California, I’ve opted for the climate of NYC and the neuroscience PhD program at NYU. I am a first year graduate student interested in how networks of cells interact in time and space, in service of studying various cognitive-level phenomena to which we have loosely ascribed names: learning, memory, attention.

Some specifics: I work with extracellular electrophysiological and calcium imaging data. Under Dr. Basu, I am currently characterizing the sequential activation of excitatory cells in retrosplenial cortex using in vivo two-photon calcium imaging, with a focus on how this is mediated by various inhibitory cell populations.

Prior to joining NYU in the fall of 2015, I first received a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University with majors in Biochemistry, Philosophy, and Psychology. I then received a Master’s degree from Cornell University in Behavioral Neuroscience, where I studied the temporal coordination of hippocampo-thalamo-cortical interactions across learning.

On spare time: art is as music does.