Sahaana Sundar

I am an undergraduate sophomore at New York University, planning to major in Neural Science. I have always found neurology captivating, but in particular, I’ve immersed myself in studies and research of the mechanisms of memory. My interest started in my senior year of high school when I wrote a literature review for an Anatomy class on the potential of reversible memory loss after reading a paper intended to establish the molecular basis for amnesia in Alzheimer’s patients by observing the presence of oligomeric AB ligands. Once in college, I wanted to get involved with research as soon as possible. As a freshmen, I worked as an undergraduate research intern at the Suzuki lab at NYU CNS which studied the longitudinal effects of exercise on cognitive abilities in previously sedentary adults. Looking for some molecular exposure to research on memory, I sought to work here at the Basu lab.

While I am not in lab, I am either pursuing my entrepreneurial interests as co-President of CAS Entrepreneurship Association, networking with other students, or walking around Manhattan with my favorite possession – my camera.