Tanvi Butola

I did my bachelors in the Panjab University in India, one of the premier institutes of higher education in the country. There I majored in Biotechnology and earned my degree with the highest honor for which I was awarded the university gold medal. Then I moved to Germany for my graduate studies. I joined Prof. Tobias Moser’s lab at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen for my PhD. For my doctoral work, I trained in slice patch-clamp and in vivo electrophysiology to study the signal transmission at central auditory synapses. I also learned Freeze-fracture replica Immuno-Labeling (FRIL) for ultrastructural visualization of synaptic membrane proteins. I trained in FRIL under the tutelage of Prof. Ryuichi Shigemoto at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria. From studying signal transmission at an individual synapse, I wanted to progress on to investigate circuit dynamics in neural networks. Currently, in the Basu lab I am investigating the local micro-circuit at the hippocampal area CA3 and its modulation by the long-range entorhinal drive.

Outside of the lab, I like painting, dancing and hiking.